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Yaoduo Industrial co., Ltd Brief

Henan Yaoduo Industrial co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise company that specialized in production and marketing of Sodium Sulfide/Sulphide, Sodium Hydrosulfide/sulphide and Rubber Auxiliaries.

The Company has two manufactory bases in the city Qinyang, Henan province, which are Qinyang Yingduo chemical co., Ltd. and Qinyang Rongduo chemical co., Ltd, they are separately producing Sodium Sulphide/Sulfide and Sodium Hydrosulfide/sulphide.Those two manufactory bases cover a total area of 300,000㎡, and producing 60,000 tons of high quality and low iron sodium hydrosulfide/sulphide; 100000 tons of sodium sulfide/sulphide; 20,000 tons of rubber auxiliaries MBT; 3,000 tons of CBS; 3,000 tons of NS; 6,000 tons of cyclohexylamine and 3,000 tons of DM3000 per year.

Sodium sulfide/sulphide, sodium hydrogensulfide/sulphide can be widely used in mining, leather, paper pulp, water treatment and other industries. Rubber auxiliaries are mainly used in tire manufacturing, rubber pipes, rubber shoes, cables and other industrial rubber products. The company is a steady supplier to many large international cooperators, and our products are exported to more than 30 countries such as Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Indonesia, South Korea, Brazil, Chile, Peru, South Africa, etc..