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Rubber Accelerator MBT(M)

Chemical Name: N-cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazole Sulfenamide

Same Name: M, MBT

Molecular Formula: C7H5NS2

Molecular Weight: 167.26

CAS: 149-30-4

Appearance/Properties: Light-yellow or white powder, smells bitter , non-toxic, density :1.42-1.51, melting point above 96℃. Easily soluble in ethyl acetate, acetone, sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate dilute solution, soluble in ethyl alcohol, not easily soluble in benzene , insoluble in water and gasoline.

Application: It is accelerator for natural and synthetic rubber, It has a wide range of vulcanization. It can be used individually, or use it with dithiocarbamate, thiuram, guanidine and other basic promoters. It is mainly used in the manufacture of tires, tape, footwear and other industrial rubber products.

Package: The woven bag is lined with plastic bag or kraft paper bags. 25kg/bag.


Item Specification
Appearance(visual inspection) Light yellow or white powder
Initial Melting Point ≥170.0℃
Ash ≤0.40%
Heating Loss ≤0.40%
Mesh Sieve Residue ≤0.10%(150um)

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