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Sodium Sulfide/sulphide

Molecular Formula:: Na2S

CAS: 131-82-2

UN No: 1849

Property: Red or yellow flakes, pungent smell, easy to be deliquesced, corrosive, toxic, soluble in water.

Application: widely used in tanning, paper making, mineral processing, dye production, organic intermediates, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, monosodium glutamate, rayon, special engineering plastics, polyphenylene sulfide, polyalkali rubber, also used as sodium thiocyanate, polysulfide Sodium, sodium thiosulfate, etc. There are also certain uses in the military industry.

Storage: Stored in cool, ventilated place. Avoid direct sunlight.


Specification Sodium sulphide ≥52% ≥60%
Iran content 60ppm-1500ppm 60ppm-1500ppm
Water insolubles ≤0.4% ≤0.4%
sodium carbonate ≤3.5% ≤3.5%

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