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Rubber additive

Rubber additive is a general term for a series of fine chemical products that must be added in the process of processing into rubber products with excellent elasticity and performance, including vulcanization and vulcanization active agents, accelerators, anti-aging agents, processing additives and special functionalities. There are hundreds of varieties of additives in five categories, which are indispensable important raw materials for the rubber industry. China's rubber auxiliaries industry has gone through a period of extraordinary development from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong. At present, China has become the center of the world rubber auxiliaries industry.

China's rubber industry started in 1915 Guangdong Brothers Plastics Co., but at that time China's rubber additives all depended on imports. In 1952, Nanjing Chemical Plant and Shenyang New Biochemical Plant were the first to develop anti-aging agents A and D and accelerator M. Although the output was only 38 tons, it created a new era of rubber additives industry in China, ending all imports. In the situation, the Lanzhou Organic Chemical Plant and the Sichuan Dyestuff Factory, which were successively built, gradually formed the “four major families” of rubber additives at that time.

In 1970, China's rubber auxiliaries produced 12,000 tons, mainly anti-aging agents and accelerator products. A number of scientific research institutes have gradually invested in the development of rubber auxiliaries, especially the Taiyuan Chemical Research Institute of Shanxi Province, the Beijing Rubber Industry Research and Design Institute and the Northwest Rubber Industry Research and Design Institute, which have successively developed a variety of products for the rubber additives in China. Development has laid a good foundation.

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