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Sodium Hydro Sulfide/ sodium hydrogen sulfide-Flakes/solid

Molecular Formula: NaHS

CAS: 16721-80-5

UN No.: 2949

Property: Brownish yellow flakes, easy to be deliquesced, it will decomposed and release hydrogen sulfide at its melting point, soluble in water and alcohols, its water solution is strongly alkaline, it will generate hydrogen sulfide when reacting with acids, The industrial good is solution, orange or yellow, bitter taste.

1. The dye industry is used for the synthesis of organic intermediates and auxiliaries for the preparation of sulphur dyes. The leather industry is used for the depilation and tanning of hides;
2. The fertilizer industry is used to remove the monomeric sulfur in the activated carbon desulfurizer;
3. The mining industry is heavily used for copper ore beneficiation;
4. Pulp and paper industry;
5. Used in the production of man-made fibers for sulfite dyeing;
6. It can be used as a raw material for the production of ammonium sulfide and pesticide-containing thiol semi-finished products, and can also be used for wastewater treatment.

Packing: Flake: 25kg pouch / 900kg ton package Solid: 150kg-320kg iron drum

Dangerous Grade: 8

Storage: In cool conditions, keep away form wet, heat and sunlight.


Specification Sodium Hydrosulfide ≥70% 39%-42% Solution
Sodium sulphide ≤3% ≤2%
Ferrum ≤30ppm ≤20ppm
Water insolubles ≤0.4% ≤0.3%

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